Proactive release of responses to OIA requests


Crown Law recognises that the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA) plays an important part in New Zealand’s constitutional framework by enabling access to official information that supports participation by New Zealanders in government.

The proactive release of official information is another element that helps build trust and confidence in government.

The nature of Crown Law’s work means that most of the information and documents produced are not within the scope of the OIA as they relate to Law Officer functions and/or attract legal privilege.

Where appropriate and to the extent possible, Crown Law proactively releases information and documents that are likely to be of interest to the public.

Responses to OIA requests detail the information released and explain what information, if any, has been withheld and under which grounds of the OIA.

Some documents may contain redacted information. Any document with redactions will include an explanatory note about why the information has been redacted (either in the cover sheet included with the document(s), or an annotation on the redacted information).

Released documents are published in Adobe PDF format.

Batches of responses to OIA requests will be released at reasonable intervals.


Proactive release of response(s) to information request(s) under the Official Information Act 1982

Coversheet - Responses to OIA requests (dated 30 June 2021)

Download PDF Version (115kb)


Number of Crown Prosecutors employed at private firms (dated 10 November 2020)

Download PDF Version (2.1Mb)


Number of Queen's Counsel (dated 26 January 2021)

Download PDF Version (4.4Mb)


Certain demographic information - Judges (dated 11 February 2021)

Download PDF Version (3.9Mb)


Time for which current Crown warrants held (dated 19 February 2021)

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Number of government agencies that employ in-house prosecutors (dated 31 May 2021)

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